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ExtremeGunCare offers the service of installation and the sale of products from Dyna-Tek Coatings; whom produce Dyna-Bore Coat and Dyna-Gun Shield

This website is to inform the consumer that Ultra Coatings is now Dyna-Tek Coatings. Their products Ultra-Bore Coat and Ultra-Gun Shield has only changed names to Dyna-Bore Coat and Dyna-Gun Shield. Same manufacture, same great product just new packaging!

About EGC

EGC incorporated in March 2010. EGC started out as an enjoyment of firearms from Michael and Jason Lumetta. A Father and Son combo in cleaning, maintaining and the installation of Dyna-Bore Coat and Dyna-Gun Shield.

Company News

We are always putting on Gun Cleaning Clinics.
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Company Products

EGC is proud to also carry:
JB Bore Compound
L&R Ultrasonics
Patriot Gun Safes
Pro-Shot Products
Renaissance Wax
USA Made Cases/Holsters

Browse EGC

  • Gun Cleaning Product

    Check out the products we use to clean guns!
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  • L&R Ultrasonics

    EGC carries the complete line of L&R Ultrasonics Systems.
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  • Patriot Gun Safes

    These are USA Made Gun Safes! We carry the LEO Series which is a 2 hour 1880 degree fire rating!
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